i have mostly been working on crohl's house, but next to that you can read some other stuff i have made in the last few years that i have deemed "not shitty." click to read!

if you wanna learn a bit about how i make my comics, and any other printed project. click over here ———————>

I have tabled at the Wowwee Zonk Browsery, Zineland Terrace both at Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF), Comic Arts Brooklyn (CAB), East London Comic Art Festival (ELCAF), Comic Arts Los Angeles (CALA), Small Press Expo (SPX) as well as numerous small comic and zine shows.

My comics are stocked and sold at McNally Jackson (NYC), Desert Island (NYC), the Beguiling (Toronto), Gosh! Comics (London), D&Q Librairie (Montreal), Verbatim Books (San Diego), and Big Planet Comics (Washington DC).