• Hi. I'm Alexander Laird, I comic-make, film-make, and illustrate. I try to use as many different mediums within those forms to tell new and interesting stories.

  • Currently living in New York, NY. From Toronto, ON originally.

  • I graduated from York University, in May 2016, with a major in film production, and a minor in history.

  • I like scifi,

  • dinosaurs and beasts,

  • rebellious youths,

  • mysterious ancient things,

  • etc.


  • I have a comic series called CROHL'S HOUSE, that was nominated for the doug wright awards in may 2018 (link)

  • of which some have been published on's comics column (link),

  • i have also had multiple album cover designs displayed on the front pages of numerous music listening and/or review platforms such as:

  • (link 1, link 2, link 3, link 4)

  • (link),

  •, (link)


  • I would like to make your next album cover, music video, and/or other thing that is within my skillsets and capabilities.

  • It is only right to tell you, that my skillsets and capabilities are numerous.

  • For more details of my skillsets and capabilities please explore to the left,

  • and for inquiries please look below, at my contact details.



instagram: alexanderlaird

twitter: @alexander_laird